Identity Genetics, Inc.

Identity Genetics, Inc.

Genetic Testing for Paternity, Maternity & Relationship

What About the Results of DNA Testing?

Identity Genetics, Inc. provides a confidential written report that includes the DNA profile of each individual tested, a conclusion of whether the tested man can be excluded as the father of the child, and, if the tested man is not excluded, the probability of paternity. The probability of paternity typically exceeds 99%. In addition, documented chain of custody can be provided upon request.

Final paternity test results are usually reported by FAX or mailed within 30 calendar days of receiving the samples and payment. Identity Genetics, Inc. makes key personnel available for a few to provide depositions and to give expert testimony when required. The staff at Identity Genetics, Inc. takes great pride in the company's reputation of providing high quality, fast, efficient and personal service in conducting paternity tests for its customers worldwide.

To obtain further information about DNA paternity test and relationship test services including sampling instructions, current prices, and turnaround time, please call 1-800-861-1054 or Contact Us Online.