Identity Genetics, Inc.

Identity Genetics, Inc.

Genetic Testing for Paternity, Maternity & Relationship

Identity Genetics, Inc. (IGI) is a privately owned, independent company that specializes in DNA testing with a dedicated, highly qualified staff who conduct genetic analyses for the purpose of determining maternity, paternity and family relationships. IGI prides itself in its high quality, efficient testing process, and in our personalized customer service. Identity Genetics offers:

  • Professional staff
  • Highly confidential service
  • Prompt, friendly, reliable Customer Service
  • Sample collection sites established worldwide
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Competitive pricing

Identity Genetics, Inc. subscribes to external proficiency testing protocols. Some specific measures mandated in the proficiency protocol for internal quality control include duplicate tests of excluded individuals, inclusion of appropriate controls for each DNA genetic marker utilized, and analysis of unannounced quality control samples.

For questions, assistance, current prices, and turnaround time, please call 800-861-1054 or Contact Us Online.